Tax Refund – When Is It Coming?

Tax season is finally over for most people and that means one of two things. Either you paid money in or you are due a nice refund. If you fall in the refund group, the question is when will that nice check appear in the mail?

A quick word about tax refunds. While getting one may seem the greatest of things, it actually should cause you to take some time and analyze how you are paying taxes. Simply put, a tax refund means you are doing something wrong, particularly if it is large.

Imagine overpaying your car payments by $500 dollars a year and then getting a refund at the end of the year. Think that is smart? Well, it is exactly what you are doing when you overpay your taxes. If this sounds smart, I would like to borrow some money from you.

Regardless, you want to know about your tax refund this year. No problem there. The IRS has made it a relatively simple task to figure out the status of your tax refund. Yes, shocking, but true. The IRS is actually being helpful. The end of the world must be near.

The first step is to visit the site of the internal revenue service. Search for it on Google or whatever. On the home page, you will find a refund check link. It should be big and bold depending on what they site looks like at the time. Click on through to the form

Now, you need to get out your tax return. Yes, the one you just filed and should have made a copy of. You need it because the IRS form will ask for the amount of the refund you are claiming, the filing status you claimed and your social security number.

Fill out the form and the program should kick out a status report for your refund. It will tell you a proposed date of issuance, if it had a problem delivering the refund or if there is a problem with your tax return. Pray this last one does not come up.

Obviously, an indication there is a problem with your return is not good news. Before you faint or hit the bottle, take a deep breath. The problem can be anything from a IRS computer glitch to a folded page the computer couldn’t read. It is not Armageddon time.

Even if you are audited, it is important to know that most audits are correspondence audits. You will get a letter in the mail raising some issue with your return. You can agree to the proposed change by the IRS or contest it.

Most people are very happy to receive a tax refund. After all, who couldn’t use a bit of extra cash. While this makes sense at first glance, any type of large refund should cause you pause. You are giving the government a free loan each year.